Tread portion for staircase, and staircase



【課題】身体的な負担の低い階段を提供する。 【解決手段】例えば皮むきされた間伐材からなる踏棒20および蹴込棒23を備える。踏棒20は踏面21Aをなす上部踏棒21と上部踏棒21を支持する下部踏棒22とを含み、上部踏棒21および下部踏棒22はそれぞれの延在方向が互いに平行となるように上下に重ね合わせて配置されている。上部踏棒21は水平面Hと所定の角度(例えば−5.2度)をなす踏面21Aと、水平面Hと平行となるように形成された当接面21Dとを有する。下部踏棒22は当接面21Dと当接された当接面22Aを有する。蹴込棒23は、蹴込棒23の側面が踏棒20の端部21C側の側面と接すると共に、蹴込棒23の上面(鼻段23Aの上面)のうち踏棒20側の端部23Cが踏棒20の踏面21Aを含むトレース面Sと接するように配置されている。 【選択図】図4
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a tread portion for a staircase, which reduces burden on the human body, and the staircase. <P>SOLUTION: This tread portion for the staircase is equipped with a tread rod 20 and a riser rod 23, which are composed of, for example, barked lumber from thinning. The tread rod 20 comprises an upper tread rod 21 which constitutes a tread surface 21A, and a lower tread rod 22 for supporting the upper tread rod 21. The upper and lower tread rods 21 and 22 are arranged by being vertically superposed on each other in such a manner that the elongation directions of them are parallel to each other. The upper rod 21 comprises the tread surface 21A which forms a predetermined angle (e.g. -5.2°) with respect to a horizontal plane H, and an abutting surface 21D which is formed in parallel with the horizontal plane H. The lower tread rod 22 has an abutting surface 22A which abuts on the abutting surface 21D. The riser rod 23 is arranged in such a manner that a side surface of the riser rod 23 is brought into contact with a side surface, on the side of an end 21C, of the tread rod 20, and that an end 23C, on the side of the tread rod 20, of the top surface (a top surface of a nose step 23A) of the riser rod 23 is brought into contact with a trace surface S including the tread surface 21A of the tread rod 20. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT




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